Back Acne 101

March 15, 2017 by L'Oréal
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Back Acne 101

With all the talk about facial breakouts, it can seem like acne on the rest of the body is a rare or uncommon occurrence. But, unfortunately, the reality is quite the opposite. Many people suffer from back acne and often wonder why these pimples pop up in the first place. Find the answer below by discovering five common causes of back acne.

Neglecting the Back

One of the main reasons we get “bacne” is because most of us don’t treat our backs with the same diligent care as our faces. It’s crucial to use a gentle-but-frequent cleansing regimen all over the body, including our backs.

Excess Oil

Extra oil may clog pores and lead to pimples, especially when the skin is not properly exfoliated.  

Tight Clothing

Polyester and other clingy clothing can stick to the back, trapping moisture and heat which can cause the appearance of irritated skin. If you suffer from back acne, try wearing more loose-fitting tops, especially when exercising. 

Harsh Products

Breakouts on the back and face may look the same, but certain products that work for facial acne may be too strong for the rest of the body.

Waiting to Shower

It’s important to shower immediately after a workout, hot-weather excursion, or any other periods of intense sweating. Otherwise, the bacteria, oil, and debris—as well as the sunscreen you should be wearing outside—will stick to the back and irritate the skin. 

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